boiler flue gas and lime

boiler flue gas lime

boiler flue gas lime Flue Gas Analysis | Flue Gas Analysis is performed by inserting a probe into the flue of the furnace boiler etc. between the last heat exchanger and draft diverter or any source of make-up air that could enter the flue that did not pass through the combustion process.

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Ammonia-Based Flue Gas Desulfurization | Power Engineering

Jul 12 2017 · In this approach lime generated in the boiler is carried with the flue gas into the scrubber. Possible problems include boiler fouling interference with heat transfer and lime inactivation due ...

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Desulfurization of boiler flue gas by means of activated ...

Jul 01 2013 · The dry method of flue-gas desulfurization with lime or dolomite consists in the solid phasegas heterogeneous reaction which occurs at high temperatures . This process may be applied to powder- or fluid-boiler flue-gas desulfurization.

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